Conversational English for Freelancers – 1 English Proficiency Test

English is a language which is used for communicating abroad. As a freelancer to work internationally, skill in English language is very much essential.

Let’s focus first on how English language proficiency is tested. Generally English language proficiency is tasted in 4 ways; they are speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Let’s see how these 4 things help to do well in a freelancing career. The first thing of English proficiency is speaking. Speaking is very much important for communication. For example if someone has got a job from a client living abroad, the primary method of communication will be speaking Because when speaking capability is good, it will be easy to go more deep about the work with that client and also easy to explain the client about the working procedure and many more. So as a freelancer, proficiency in speaking should be good.

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Second important thing is reading proficiency.

Why it is important?
As a freelancer people used to work in Fiverr, Crowded and many other sites. As these sites are in English so every document that is found here is in English. So to roam inside these sites freelancers must have good reading capabilities in English. Because if freelancers have good reading capability, he or she can easily understand the job which is posted in these sites. Anyone can easily understand the job nature, what to do etc. Next is writing proficiency. To reply client directly written proficiency is necessary, if anyone wants to give quotation to any job posting he or she should write in English. Writing topics with mistakes can hamper the possibility to lose the work anytime. So good writing capability is essential for doing good in an online marketplace. The Last point is listening. It is already clear to us all that listening is important to do good in the online marketplace. If anyone is not capable of understanding what his client is saying then it is not possible to work in an online marketplace. So it is essential to have good knowledge in all four sections of the English proficiency test.

Now let’s discuss how to achieve those qualities. There are 5 ways to achieve those qualities. Actually there are many.

The most useful ways will be discussed here. So the ways to achieve good knowledge in English are —
a. Lyrics training
b. Surroundings with English speakers
c. Find out what good on YouTube
d. Becoming a movie star
e. Reading English newspaper

Let’s go through about these points. The first one is lyrics training. It is related to music. When we are watching music in English or listening to music in English we can follow the lyrics. That will help us to put ourselves deep into the meaning of the song and side by side it will help us to know new words in English and also help us to know the pronunciation. The second point is surrounding with English speakers. That means roaming with native English speakers. These kinds of activities will help a lot to learn English. The Third point is becoming a movie star. Scripts of movies can be found easily online. Anyone can download it and practice it thinking of themselves as a movie star. It will help to learn English. The last point is reading a newspaper which is written in English. Everyday reading newspapers and marking new words and learning them with meaning can help anyone to gain their knowledge in English.

So in this topic we have discussed the proficiency test method in English so that freelancers can have a small idea about the improvement sector in English and later on we have shown how to achieve good knowledge in English. If anyone can follow this it will be easy for them to have good knowledge in English.

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