Conversational English for Freelancers Part 11 – Past Tense

Conversational English for Freelancers Part 11 – Past Tense

Hello viewers?  Today we will talk about past tense. Past tense is another important to learn English properly. Like other parts we will learn past tense in the following way:

  1. Definition
  2. Positive Form
  3. Negative Form
  4. Interrogative Form

Let’s dig deep into it.

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There are four types of past tense. They are Past Indefinite Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense and Past Perfect Continuous Tense. Today we will focus on past indefinite tense.

Definition: Past indefinite tense tells us about the action which has finished.

Example: I ate rice at 3 pm.

In this sentence it is said that the subject ate rice at 3pm, the action (rice eating) is completed.

So it is the example of past indefinite tense.


Subject + verb past form + rest of the sentence.

Example :Asif went to Mexico in 1990.

Here Asif is the subject, went(verb past form), to Mexico in 1990(rest of the sentence).

This is also known as the positive form of past indefinite tense.

Interrogative Form:

Now we will talk about the interrogative form. Let’s see the structure:

Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Verb Present Form or Base Form + Rest of the sentence + Question Mark.

Example: Did Asif go to Mexico last year?

According to structure did (Auxiliary verb), Asif(Subject),go(Verb base form), to Mexico Last Year(rest of the sentence).

Now we will see verb forms (regular and irregular)in past tense

  1. Most verb ended with ED


Like – Liked

Kick – kicked


  1. Verbs ending in –E add –D


Bake- baked

Dance- danced

Like- liked

Live- lived

Hate- hated

Love- loved


  1. Verbs ending inCONSONANT and VOWEL and CONSONANT. Make the last consonant double and add – ED


Stop- stopped

Mop- mopped

Skip- skipped

Chop- chopped

Shop- shopped

  1. Verbs ending inCONSONANT + Ychange “Y” to “I” and add – ED

Study- studied

Carry- carried

Worry- worried

Hurry- hurried

Dry- dried


Negative Form


Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Not + verb present form + rest of the sentence.

Example :Asif  did not go to Mexico in 2013.

According to structure Asif(Subject) + Did (Auxiliary Verb ) + not(Not)+ go (verb present form)+ to Mexico in 2013 (rest of the sentence).

Let’s see some examples of past tense of all three forms :


Positive Form

Negative Form

Interrogative Form

Let’s see the presence of past indefinite tense in online market place.

No we will see about the gig section of fiverr:

Here in the red mark you can see the presence of past indefinite tense where it says the subject did its engineering degree in computer science. The owner passed the exam in past.

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