Conversational English for Freelancers Part 13 – Past Perfect Tense

Conversational English for Freelancers Part 13 – Past Perfect Tense

Hello all? Today we will discuss about past perfect tense. Past perfect tense is another important part for gaining good concept in English. Let’s dig deep into it.


Past perfect tense is used to show that an action took place once or many times before another point in past time.

Example: You had studied hindibefore you moved to India.

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In the above example there are two parts.

Number 1 tells that the action took place. Number 2 tells another point in the past. Which means the action (studied hindi) took place, before another point (You moved to India). In other way we can say, You had studied Hindi first in 1997 then you moved to India in 1998. But now it is 2020. The above mentioned actions took place before. But the first action was studied hindi and the second action was moved to India.


Subject + Had + Past Participle Form + Rest of the sentence

I had done this work.

I (subject)had (had) done(past participle from) this work (rest of the sentence)

Let’s see more examples.

I went to school after I had completed home work .

She had come late to the meeting.

She had done her writings nicely.

Now we will discuss about the negative form.


Subject + had not / hadn’t + verb past participle form + rest of the sentence

I had not finished the math.

I (sub) + had not + finished (verb past participle form) + the math (rest of the sentence).

So we can understand easily that we just need to add the not after the auxiliary verb then we will get easily the negative form.

Let’s see some more examples:

She had not done her hometask, so she was not feeling good.

They had not gone out when you called.

She had not come late to the school.

Interrogative form

Let’s see the interrogative form of past perfect tense.


Auxiliary Verb + Subject + verb past participle form + rest of the sentence + question mark?


Had he done his work ?

Had Asif  went to school before the storm stroke?

Had she finished her homework?

Had they came here?

For just refreshment we will show again the past participle form of the verb.

It will be better if you remember these words.

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