Conversational English for Freelancers Part 17 – Phrasal Verbs

Conversational English for Freelancers Part 17 – Phrasal Verbs

Hello all? Today we will talk about an interesting part of English, and that is phrasal verb. Let’s jump deep into it.


Phrasal verbs are phrases which are used for indicating actions. Generally phrasal verbs are used for spoken English and informal texts.

Examples: hang up, hold on, pass away.

We must keep in our mind that phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition or an adverb. Let’s see the following table:





Preposition/ Adverb
















In some cases phrasal verbs consists of many more elements. Let’s see examples

Verb                                            Preposition/ Adverb 1                             Preposition2/ Adverb2

Keep                                                    Something                                                           Up


When preposition or adverb is added with verb the meaning of it will be changed completely:

Let’s see some example

Turn On – start operating (Phrasal Verb)

Turn – Move in a circular direction (Normal Verb)

Hope it is clear that how the meaning of verb will change after adding preposition is added.


The meaning of Phrasal Verb

Sometimes it will not be easy to understand the meaning of phrasal verb. So it is better to use the    context to understand them.

Literal meaning

Sometimes phrasal verb has literal meaning which can be easily understood.

Example – Asif opened the door and looked outside.

Idiomatic meaning

Phrasal verb also has meaning which will be difficult to understand

Can you put me up for 8 pm?

Separable / Inseparable?

Sometimes preposition is used in either after the verb or after the object

Nishat made up a really entertaining work.

Rushdi made the story up.

Let’s see some examples of phrasal verbs

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