Conversational English for Freelancers Part–18, English Learning Apps

Conversational English for Freelancers Part–18, English Learning Apps

Hello all? We are almost at the end of the content of this series. We have already finished our tense part. Today we will discuss about an application which is available in Google play store especially dedicated for learning English. Let’s dig deep into it.

We will find this app in play store

So what you have to do? We need to go to Google play store. Then you have to click install it now. After installation you have to sign in with your own email address.
After giving the email address you will get another page written choice your language to use this application. For example you choose Bangla language. After selecting language you get another pop up, here you have to select your level of a learner. There are three levels; they are beginner, intermediate, expert. For example we will click beginner. Then you have to click next. Later on you will get another page. In that page you will get the question written why you want to learn English?

In this page we have some options like,
• For good job
• For going abroad
• For exam / test
• For learning purpose of kids
• A good social life
• For experiencing English movie.

Say we will click the first one. After that you have to select your avatar. Say we have clicked school. After clicking the first one we will find a page where your mobile number will be asked for sms verification. Then you will get another page , and that page is the dashboard of this application. Here you will find basic course ,advance course and many other parts. Say I have clicked basic part. There I will find how to ask name in English?
This part is divided into 2 parts. First you will get the example part. Here you will get the words with meaning. For example:

My = আমার
Name = নাম
Rajiv =রাজিব
And the next part we will get
আমার নাম রাজিব, ইংরেজিতে এর সঠিক অনুবাদ নিরবাচন করুন
1. Myself Rajiv
2. This is Rajiv
3. My name is Rajiv
4. Mine name is Rajiv
So basically this is what actually we will get in basic part. You will get easily everything you want to learn English in this application.

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