Conversational English for Freelancers Part 19 – Learn English from Movies

Hello all? Today we will talk about an interesting system to learn English. This is called learning English from movies.

Watching movies in English is a good method to learn English Language. Watching movies can improve listening and speaking skills very easily. If you are bored of books and you are crashed by learning difficult grammar, then you must stop and watch movies.

Benefit of watching movies:

  1. Movies use natural real life language, so it is a great way to increase English vocabulary. There is no better way to teach yourself English language in a traditional classroom.
  2. As watching movies are fun so you can jump easily into English when you feel tired and bored to do anything else.
  3. Watching English movies can also enrich your cultural insight which helps you not only learning English but also learning cultural understanding and history.
  4. Watching dialog can easily teach yourself original pronunciation.

Now we will discuss the tips about learning English from movies

  1. Choose movies of your interest: Always try to watch movies of your interest. This will help you to learn English easy as you love the movie and there is a possibility that you can get inside the story easily.
  1. Use of subtitles: Always try to watch movies with subtitles.IT will help you to learn new words and pronunciations.
  1. Start with simple movie: Do not try to watch big and deeper thought movie for learning purpose. Always try to find small movies with short stories.
  1. Take a break: If your desired movie looks so big, then do not watch it continuously , take a break , do something else and then watch it again.
  1. Listen and Repeat: After hearing one portion of the movie, try to repeat it again and practice again. You can learn easily by following this step.
  2. Watch movies with your closed one: Try to watch movies with your closed ones who want to learn English also. Make a pair and practice the methods which are described above.

Now I will disclose the 5 American movies which will be good for learning English.

  1. The Social Network.

This movie is good for learning English because it is directed by Aaron Sorkin who is famous for natural dialog and funny lines.

  1. The Hangover

It is easy to understand the dialog between two characters.

  1. The Hunger Games

This movie has fast action and also the language is easy to understand.

  1. Toy Story

This movie is for younger audiences so the dialogs are not hard.

  1. Cast Away

This movie is easy to follow because it is a one character movie and Tom Hanks is good for his clear and slow speaking voice.

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