Conversational English for Freelancers Part-2 Listening

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Today we are going to talk about Listening. The most important subject to learn a foreign language. It is also very important to be good in a freelancing career. Today we will show an audio message which is in written form. This audio message will help to understand the response process and also helps the students to understand how to pronounce the words. Let’s see a dummy call message: “Hi this is Maria, I got your phone number from your friend Nick, can you please call me back? My phone number is +0000000000000. This message has 4 points , these points are : the name , how did Maria get the number ? what was Maria’s request and finally the number, so when anyone receives this kind of message , he or she must do one thing, and that is call back. So the listener must listen carefully to do the instruction properly. If the listener will not understand the message he or she will not be able to follow the instruction which was given in the message. So the next part is what to notice when you listen to it and understand it carefully. When the listener listened to the message ,he or she had to understand the introduction , reference , phone number , request to call. Introduction will give the identity of the caller , reference will give the introduction of the caller, phone number is the document and request is the instruction. If the listener follows it carefully he or she will easily understand the gravity of the message and according to that the listener can take action. So listening and understanding the message is very important for a freelancer if he or she wants to work properly in the marketplace. Now another important part is response instantly. If the listener understands the message but will not give response instantly then there will be no effectiveness in the communication. To be good in freelancing career effective communication is the most important thing. The procedure is whenever a listener receives a message, if it is not possible to give the reply of the full message ,the listener must say at least one sentence that , thanks for your message , I will get back to you soon. Now we will discuss how to learn words from listening. When the listener receives a message , he or she may find a new word. It can happen anytime. So his main duty is to write it down, finding the meaning and mug the word. So at last we can summarize that, if any one follows these rules in the listening sector , it will be easy to become successful in the freelancing career.

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