Conversational English for Freelancers Part 20 – Final Speech

Conversational English for Freelancers Part 20 – Final Speech

Written Exam Paper

Requirement: Student 1 and 2 from Pentanik IT group.


Student 1 wants to make a logo for his company. He gave a post in an online marketplace. Student 2 sent his proposal and student 1 accepted it. Now student 1 and student 2 will talk over the phone regarding the working procedure, timeline and payment method.

The phone call will include the following topics:

·Time needed to complete the logo
· Payment Method
· Special Requirement from client
· Font Choice
· Review

This voice call should be recorded and uploaded to google drive and the link will be sent to Pentanik it mail address.

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Hello all? We have already successfully completed all the parts of English course. We have covered tense, phrasal verbs, regular and irregular verbs. These are the basic part to learn English for speaking purpose only. If you want to learn English only for speaking and understanding you can easily do it by covering tense, verbs and person. But if you want to go further with English then you have to go in depth of grammar.

To be good in English with strong grammar we must learn with the following items:

Then you can look for idioms and phrases. This is another part for learning English. Let’s see some examples of idoms and phrases:

Another important thing for learning English is translation. Try to do Bangla to English translation more, if you do this it will be helpful for you to learn English more better.

These are the basic parts for becoming good learner. After finishing this part you have to move to advance part. Let’s se what we have in advance part?
For becoming expart in English we have to be comfortable with the following items:
1. Compound and Complex Sentences
2. Use Infinitives and Gerunds
3. Writing with Advanced Verbs
4. Change the Focus with the Passive Voice
5. And One Last Tip About Learning English Vocabulary

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