Conversational English for Freelancers Part-4 ফ্রিল্যান্সিং এর জন্য ইংরেজি কোর্স পর্ব-৪ Speaking

Conversational English for Freelancers Part-4 ফ্রিল্যান্সিং এর জন্য ইংরেজি কোর্স পর্ব-৪ Speaking

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. Today we are going to talk about how to develop our speaking ability? To do well in English speaking is one of the good ability you must have. If you have good English speaking ability you can engage yourself in any sector of work locally and also internationally. To develop English speaking ability one has to develop the following:

  1. Expand the vocabulary: We have said several times that to do well in English speaking it is mandatory to enrich vocabulary level. If you have good vocabulary stock you can do well in speaking very easily. Now you have to know how to get vocabulary? Reading newspaper, watching movies, reading books can be the good option of expanding vocabulary stock.
  2. Improve the pronunciation: Improving pronunciation is another important thing to do well in English speaking. There are many ways to improve pronunciation. Like expanding vocabulary anyone can practice pronunciation by watching movies, listening music. When anyone watch movie with subtitle, it will be easy to learn the pronunciation by hearing the voice from the movie screen. Also while listening the music it will be easy to learn pronunciation.
  3. Macmillan Dictionary: Macmillan dictionary is another thing which can help us to improve our speaking ability. When we will get the new words ,we will put them gradually one by one and get the information’s as below:

First we have to go to Macmillan Dictionary site. Then in the search Macmillan Dictionary bar you have to put the new word:

After that you have to click the arrow which is marked by red circle. Later on you will have the following:

You will find about all sorts of information about the given word.

For example we can see that the word catch is given here. After clicking the arrow we will see that, the word catch is verb , after that we will see a sound picture which means how to pronounce it, later on we will see the meanings.

  1. Speech Shadowing: Another important thing to do well in English is speech shadowing. To engage with speech shadowing you need to select one video first from YouTube or any other video channel. Then you have to play it with subtitle. Then you have to watch this video 5 to 6 times. You haveto first watch this from first to middle, then middle to last. When you give pause from first to middle, you have to write the words you have heard from video. From Macmillan dictionary you have to learn all the words.
  2. Learn the natural flow of English: Natural flow of English means how native speakers speak English words. Basically native  English speakers speak words in the following way :

I am = I’m, he will = he’ll. This is called word linking. If you learn word linking you can learn the pronunciation easily and learn the word easily and do well in speaking.

  1. Self-Talk: Another important thing for learning speaking is self-talk. What is self-talk? Every day we do many things in our daily life, if we try to read them from our mouth in English we can learn the words and pronunciation easily. This is the main benefit of self-talk process.
  2. Think in English: Another important thing to learn speaking is think in English. In our daily life what we think we have to convert it in English. If we do so we can learn English speaking very easily.
  3. Retell a story: Suppose you have watched a movie. You have to tell again one segment of the movie by yourself. If you are able to do this you can learn speaking very easily.

So these are the steps to do well in speaking. If anyone can follow this surely he can do well in speaking.

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