Conversational English For Freelancers Part 5 Person Tense

Conversational English For Freelancers Part 5 Person Tense

Hello viewers? How are you all? Today we are going to talk about person and tense. These two elements are one of the most important topics to learn English. Today we will give look about present indefinite tense and person and how sentence will be constructed by the use of these two.

Let’s first discuss about person. What is person? In English person shows the relationship between subject and verb. In English persons are categorized into three parts. They are first person, second person and number third is the third person. First person example – I, me(singular) , we (plural),Second person example- you (singular), your (plural),and third person example – he, she(singular), they(plural). So we can understand easily that we have seen these many times in everywhere in English topics. Let’s see why person is important to learn for working in market place. Let’s see the picture:


Here we can see that people are giving their introduction in fiverr. I is using in all four segments of introduction which is first person. If we are not able to understand person we will not be able to express ourselves in market place.


The next important thing is Tense. Tense is the mother of language learning. In English if you know enough tense and verbs you will be eligible to speak very good English. Let’s see the configuration of tense.



Present Tense

  1. Present Indefinite Tense
  2. Present Continuous Tense
  3. Present Perfect Tense
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Tense

  1. Past Indefinite Tense
  2. Past Continuous Tense
  3. Past Perfect Tense
  4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Tense

  1. Future Indefinite Tense
  2. Future Continuous Tense
  3. Future Perfect Tense
  4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense


Today let’s see present indefinite tense. What is present indefinite tense? Present indefinite tense signifies or tells the action which is happening in present times. For example we can say, I eat Rice. The sun rises in the east. He writes the letter now. These three examples shows how present indefinite tense shows the meaning of any action which happens in present times. Now we will see how present indefinite tense works in market place.

If we see these yellow mark lines we can find these lines are expressing the words which are showing the meaning of work that happens in present time. So we can clearly understand why present indefinite tense is necessary to learn. Let’s see the structure of present indefinite tense.


Subject + verb / auxiliary verb + rest of sentence

Example: I am ……… (Name). I am a web developer. I can do any logo design within 2 hours.

I – subject + First Person

Am – auxiliary verb

A web developer – rest of the sentence.

So from this example we can understand the sentence structure for present indefinite tense.

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