Conversational English for Freelancers Part 6 – Present Continuous Tense

Hello viewers? Today we will discuss about present continuous tense. Present Continuous Tense is another important thing to learn for doing well in English. In this topic we will learn definition, structure, how to use with person, and positive, negative and interrogative form.

Let us focus on definition; present continuous tense refers the action which is happening continuously in present times. Example: Asif is eating his lunch now. In this example we can  see that Asif is eating , which means eating continuously now.

Let us focus on the structure of present continuous tense:

Subject + am /is / are + verb +ing + rest of the sentence

Asif     + is + eat + ing + his lunch now

So if we look to the structure we can see subject then auxiliary verb then verb and its ing form and then  rest of the sentence. If we consider our given example we can find , as per the structure-Asif(Subject), is(Auxiliary Verb), eat(verb), ing – form + his lunch now(Rest of the sentence).

From the above example we can see that there is a good relationship between person and auxiliary verb. Let’s have a look how person and verb+ing form is made

Person Auxiliary Verb
I Am
We Are
You Are
He Is
She Is
They Are


Now we will discuss how we are affected in our working environment by present continuous tense:

Suppose you are working in a graphic design team, you have got one project; your responsibility is to make the color correction. Suddenly your boss came to see the development and asked,” Hello Mr. Y? What is the update of your work? Then you replied,sir I am doing the color correction of the footer section sir.

So in this example you can see that when you give reply you are using present continuous tense to describe something about ongoing work.

Now we will discuss about three forms of present continuous tense, they are positive, negative and interrogative form.

Positive Form

We are using everyday this form. Like I am eating my breakfast, I am doing my work, Asif is going to university, Josim is doing his painting now etc.

Negative Form

Let us focus on the structure of negative form,

Subject + am/is/are + not + verb + ing + rest of the sentence

Example: Nafis is not feeling well now, as he has fever since last Friday.

So from the above sentence we can see the little difference between positive and negative form, and it is just adding one not after adding auxiliary verb.

Interrogative Form

The structure of interrogative form is

am/is/are+Subject + verb + ing + rest of the sentence + ? (Question Mark)

Example: Are you doing your homework now?

In this example we can clearly understand that to make the interrogative form we are using auxiliary verb in front of the subject and we can get the interrogative form easily.

Let’s see howthis affects in our market place work. For example you are doing a website for one of your client. One evening he is asking , about update, then  you are saying that you are updating the contact form page.

So we can understand the importance of present continuous tense and how we are surrounded by it in our day to day life.



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