Conversational English for Freelancers Part-8 Subject

Hello all, we have already crossed 7 parts from this course. In these 7 parts we have seen tense, verb, auxiliary verb, subject etc. Here in today’s topic we will discuss about subject for the better understanding of the learners.

Let’s see what is the definition of subject?

Subject tells us about a person or a thing that is doing an action. From this definition we can clearly understand the relationship between subject and person.

Example: Kazi nishat is starting his intermediate graphics design course.

Here in this sentence action is of course started, and the action is done by kazi nishat. That means kazi nishat completes the action, so kazi nishat is the subject.

How to identify the subject of a sentence?

Here is the procedure to find the subject of a sentence.

The boys represented 1971 war in the model united nations conference in New York.

To find the subject from this sentence we can follow these simple rules:

Step 1: What is the main verb: represented.

Step 2: Ask the question: who or what is doing the action of the verb?

Step 3: Apply this question to the sentence: who or what represented 1971 war?

Step 4: Answer the question: The boys.

The subject   is therefore the boys.

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