Conversational English for Freelancers Part 9 – Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Conversational English for Freelancers Part 9 – Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Hello all? Today we will talk about Present Perfect Continuous tense. This part is the last part of present tense. Like other part we will discuss this part with structure, positive, negative and interrogative form. Let’s dig into it.


Present perfect continuous tense tells us about an action which has started in the past and continuing in the present time. Let’s see an example:

It has been raining since morning. This sentence says that the rain has started in the morning and it didn’t stop. Still it is raining. Let’s see the structure:

Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb + ing +since+ rest of the sentence.

let’s see some examples:

  1. Nafis have been waiting here for two hours.
  2. Capt. Shafiq have been talking since  last hour.
  3. Recently, I have been feeling really tired.

Now we will discuss the informal way of construction:

Formal Way                                        Informal Way

I have been                                         I’ve been

You have been            You’ve been

He has been                                         He’s been


In English informal way is the best to use. Also native speakers like to use these informal way of speaking.

We have already seen the positive form and its structure in this segment. Now we will discuss about the negative from of present perfect continuous tense.



So we can understand about the structure of negative form of present  perfect continuous tense.


Let’s see some examples:

  1. We have not been starting our journey.
  2. They have not been eating since last week
  3. Asif has not been going to school since March 6 , 2020


Now we will talk about interrogative form:


Let’s see some examples:


  1. Have you been waiting here for 2 hours?
  2. Has he been writing this report for 1 hour?
  3. Have they been staying here since 3 weeks?


In this segment we can understand clearly about present perfect continuous tense. And by this part we have finished our present tense part.


Let’s see a small example how in market place we are using present perfect continuous tense.

In the first line we see that , A Team of talented graphic designer with 8+ years of experience in graphic industry.

Let’s dig the sentence. This sentence tells us that there is s talented team of graphics designer, they have 8 years of experience . It means they have experience about graphics design from 8 years but they don’t forget the experience. It is still in their mind. They have  started their working experience 8 years ago and their experience  still remains in the present time.

So it is clear to us that how important present continuous tense is? So if we follow the tutorials in the videos which has provided by Pentanik It Solutions Park and practice it regularly we will do good in English definitely inshallah.

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