Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Tutorial in Bangla Part-2 IP and Location Tracing

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Tutorial in Bangla Part-2 IP and Location Tracing

সোর্স লিংক
How to Prevent Cyber Attack
Career: Cyber Security

আপনার কিছু ফ্রেন্ডকে ট্রাকিং লিংক পাঠিয়ে তার স্ক্রিনশট পোস্ট করুন আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে। প্রয়োজনে এই ভিডিওটি দেখুন।


Ethical Hacking

The present age is the age of information and technology. We all spend more or less of our time in this internet world. But do we know that this internet world is constantly controlling your life?
Learn about Ethical Hacking and how to protect your Personal Data or your own website from an online fad.
I need to know. We basically mean hacking the FACEBOOK account. Many people start thinking of themselves as hackers from a 20/30 minute video from YOUTUBE.
But is this actually hacking?
Is this the main purpose of hacking?
In fact, hacking means gaining access to their private and personal space without the owner’s permission—someone who uses it for good or bad.
So this is our Ethical Hacking Course to protect ourselves from those bad people.
There are basically three types of hackers.1. white hat 2. Gray hat 3. Black hat hacker
White hat Hackers are good; Gray Hat hackers are middle of good and bad. And Black Hat Hackers are criminals.
There are many types of hacking, but today we will learn about three things.
1. SQL injection.
2. Malware & Cracking Password
3. Social Engineering
To be a good hacker, we must have good programming and networking knowledge.
What can you do with ethical hacking?
You can ensure cybersecurity for yourself and your family.
You can work as a security consultant in any company.
You can do freelancing by bug bounty or penetration.

Freelancing on Bangladesh

A large part of the population of Bangladesh is now young.
And young people can change the pace of a country’s economy.
The number of people aged 18 to 35 is now higher,
which is about 32 percent of the population (source: CIA – The World Factbook).
Between 2015 and 2016, it will increase to 40 percent.
When the proportion of young people in a country is the highest,
it is called Demographic Dividend or Demographic Bonus. This can open the door for the development of any country. And if they are not used properly at the right time, it will be a burden and a serious danger for any country. One of the most
effective solutions is to build these highly educated and working people in
Bangladesh is qualified for online outsourcing work or as freelancers.

Outsourcing is the work of an organization and not with the help of an outside organization or person. This work can be part of a special project or an entire project. Freelancing is when a person works for different organizations or individuals on a contract basis without working for a specific organization.
Just as a freelancer has the freedom to decide what type of work to do, so does the freedom to work when you want to. Freelancers are not restricted to the usual office hours. Companies usually outsource to reduce production costs. Many times outsourcing is also done due to lack of adequate time, labor, or technology.
Mainly IT-based works (e.g., Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content,
Design, Multimedia & Architecture, SEO / SEM / SMM, Data Entry, etc.)is outsourced.
Notable among the countries providing such services are India, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina,
Indonesia, China, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Panama, Nepal, Bangladesh, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, etc.
If an organization or person (Employer) wants to outsource any of his work, then he comes to the freelancing marketplace and invites bids from freelancers for that work. In a bid,
a freelancer specifies how many days he will be able to complete the work and how much he will be paid.
In this way, the Employer selects the most suitable and convenient bid out of the number of bids for a job.
He then contacted the freelancer and discussed the work in detail. At the end of the work, payments are made in various ways, which are described in detail in the “How to Raise Money” section.

Pentanik IT is the best online Bootcamp for digital skills training focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.
We provide rigorous online training in disciplines such as Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Content Writing, Facebook Marketing, Freelancing, among others. In other words, we specialize in areas where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly, and the demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply.
We have helped many professionals and non-professional get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.
Our courses are designed and updated by academic experts. Through individual courses, comprehensive certification programs, we provide many non-professionals and thousands of ready skills they need to excel in their careers. Our practical and applied approach has resulted in 85 percent of learners reporting career benefits including promotions and new jobs after completing the training, real-world projects and more, professionals learn by doing at Pentanik IT.

All the course is good and very helpful. I felt the synthesis essay part needs a little work in terms of explanation, with some more detailing and specifications of the essay. The assignment strategies and evaluations during the videos are another strength that makes it very helpful. Topics for assignments can include wider areas or can be given a choice to the participants to explore different areas to increase knowledge. The knowledge sharing or questioning sections had very good responses from participants. Overall, the course shared many pointers of academic writing, which were significant and research-focused, which is what makes it effective.
I have learned the skills of advanced academic writing, essentially useful in college and university studies. I have also learned about plagiarism, and it’s a consequence, plus MLA formatting of the paper. These skills will add value to my writing skills. Thanks, Pentanik IT, for providing us this incredible opportunity of learning. I would love to do mentoring for this course if given an opportunity.

Your Future Career

It should be something for which your proposed course of study is valuable or essential and should have some logical connection to what went before.

Of course, your own career may not be as simple as this. Perhaps you started studying biophysics, then later developed a passion for medieval poetry. This is not going to disqualify you, but you need to ask yourself, ‘why should a university choose me rather that someone who has always been interested in medieval poetry?’ If you can answer this question, you have a chance of being considered. If, however, your reader gets the impression have suddenly for no good reason conceived an interest in a field you have never studied before, they may equally assume you will lose interest just as quickly. Your best chance usually lies in showing that there is a meaningful progression to your career, which is driven by your sense of purpose.
The above model said that we get the chance Pentanik IT teaches us a lot to do well in our future. But if we don’t try regularly, then nothing can bring good results for our future. The Pentanik IT team is too helpful and cooperative and a sign of humanity.

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