How to earn money from Facebook by Video? Step by step Guideline

Income from Facebook: we do not just use Facebook as a way of social communication. But you recognize that individuals are now earning variant rupees online by using social media Facebook. He’s even making money from Facebook by creating Facebook pages and groups and using Facebook ads. Moreover, it’s becoming possible to earn money from Facebook like YouTube by uploading videos on the Facebook pages.

Moreover, if you have got popularity on Facebook, you’ll be able to easily earn money from Facebook in numerous ways. We’ll discuss these issues in today’s post. If you wish to understand a way to make money from Facebook, read this post carefully from commencing to end. Then I feel you’ll be able to also earn some money monthly from Facebook.

Facebook is that the most well-liked social media of the current time. That’s why there’s nothing unaccustomed discuss Facebook. My 5-year-old son also started using Facebook when he got an itinerant. If he doesn’t get a mobile, he almost tells his mother and me, “Dad, give me your mobile, I will be able to use Facebook.” initially I used to be surprised to listen to such words on the boy’s face, but now it’s become normal on behalf of me.

Nowadays, there’s no hesitation in saying that Facebook is that the preferred social media within the world. An oversized part of the globe is connected to Facebook. There are 2.4 billion active Facebook users each month worldwide. Of these, a median of 1.49 billion people uses Facebook a day. You’ll be even more surprised to listen to that a mean of 5 new Facebook accounts are created every second. Facebook’s 44492 specialists work daily to regulate this whole work (source: Wikipedia).

 How to make money on Facebook:

There are many ways to form money from Facebook. If you try, you’ll be able to earn money from Facebook with the mobile in your hand. In today’s post, we are going to discuss ways to create money from Facebook within a variety of points. If you’ve got no idea about income from Facebook, you’ll know the main points after reading today’s post. At the identical time, from opening a Facebook account to getting money from Facebook, I’ll discuss intimately what to try to do. Below are 10 important problems with Facebook income.

Open a Facebook account:

 First of all, I might wish to say that from the Facebook account, that is, the traditional Facebook account that you simply have, which we use regularly, we are going to not be able to earn money directly from Facebook through that account. Because Facebook has no thanks to earning money directly from a user account.


We know that no over 5,000 friends may be added to a Facebook account.  However, if you have got any style of a personal blog, you’ll be able to increase the revenue of the blog by increasing the visitors of your blog from Facebook by sharing the posts of that blog within the Facebook account. However, the general public doesn’t do that with their personal Facebook account. You want to have a Facebook page or Facebook fan page to earn money from Facebook.

Creating a Facebook fan page

One of the good features of Facebook is that the Facebook Fan Page or Like Page. You do not should send an exponent request or receive a follower request to extend your friends on your Facebook profile, you do not need to try this within the case of the Facebook fan page. If you’ve got a Facebook Like the page in your own name, anyone can like your page. If you have got a Facebook page and it’s plenty of followers or likes, you’ll easily earn money from Facebook in numerous ways by using your Facebook page.

How to open a Facebook page?

If you have got a Facebook page and you prefer it plenty, then you must not create a replacement Facebook page. However, if you are doing not have a Facebook page before you’ll be able to start earning money from Facebook, you need to first create a Facebook page in your own name or within the name of your company or your blog.

If you do not know the way to make a Facebook page, no problem, because we’ve got a post on this subject on our blog. You’ll be able to easily create a Facebook page by reading our blog post.

If you sit after creating a Facebook page, you may not be able to earn money from Facebook. Because it’s unacceptable to earn money without exertions to earn money in any way. Within the same way, so as to earn money from Facebook, you need to first increase the likes of your Facebook page. Your main job is to extend the likes of the Facebook page before you begin earning money from Facebook. Once you increase the likes of your Facebook page through any work on Facebook, the thanks to earning money from Facebook are much easier for you.

When you have an oversized number of fans on your Facebook page, you may be able to find new ways to earn money from Facebook and various sources of income will call you by hand.

And you want to know that increasing the likes of a Facebook page doesn’t happen overnight. You simply should be more discriminating with the assistance you render toward people. Although the task could appear difficult to you at the start, if you’re employed regularly, the likes of your Facebook page will gradually increase.

 How to increase the likes of our Facebook page?

Below we share some important ways to extend the likes and followers of your Facebook page. By doing these items, you’ll be able to easily increase the likes of your Facebook page.

 Step-1: Find Your Niche:

The topic here is that the topic that you simply are going to be engaged on Facebook. In choosing a subject, I might say that you just must invite the Facebook page about the topic that you simply know and understand well. Writing on Facebook pages has become a form of fashion nowadays.

You may have noticed that individuals who pen Facebook have lots of fan followers on Facebook and that they are very fashionable on Facebook. So you’ll increase the fan followers and likes of your Facebook page by writing on Facebook about what you’re good at.  Moreover, if you’re a housewife, you’ll be able to increase the likes of your Facebook page by making different recipes, writing about fashion and style, or making videos.

Step-2: Regularly publish articles on the page:

If you merely share articles occasionally as a hobby, you’ll not be ready to increase your fan following in an exceedingly short time. Because those that are going to be your readers will certainly want to determine you frequently. In this case, if you post occasionally, the reader will avoid those posts. For that, you have got to post regularly to extend the likes of the Facebook page quickly.

Step-3: Build an honest relationship:

Stay in regular contact along with your fans and well-wishers on Facebook. They answer any comments you create on your posts. If there’s nothing to put in writing within the comment, please say thanks or welcome. Moreover, attempt to reply to the message to take care of a minimum hi-hello relationship without showing any concern with those that will personally message you on Facebook. This fashion you’ll be able to become more popular on Facebook in an exceedingly short time.

Step-4: Join different Facebook groups:

There are thousands of Facebook groups online that have lots of recognition, you join them. Occasionally post one or two of your posts on to those Facebook groups and at the top of the post, share the link of your Facebook page and request to love it. If you prefer reading your writing, people will certainly like your Facebook page.

 Earn money through Facebook page:

When you have lots of fans and likes on your Facebook page, you’ll start earning money from Facebook in numerous ways. Facebook like Page or Fan Page is incredibly important for business or organization. Especially if you’ve got a business, you’ll be able to easily run the campaign of the organization by creating a Facebook page within the name of that organization. Also, after you have plenty of likes on the Facebook page of your business concern, you’ll be able to easily sell the merchandise to the customer online by uploading various products of your organization on the Facebook page and promoting the merchandise online.

How to make money from the Facebook page?

Usually, Facebook officially offers the chance to earn money through Facebook pages in two ways. The cash is paid to you directly from Facebook. During this case, you are doing not must have any contact with anyone. You’ll monetize your Facebook page to earn money from Facebook.

Earn money by uploading videos on Facebook:

Recently, it’s become possible to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos on Facebook like YouTube and showing advertisements within the videos. This new way of earning money on Facebook is named “Facebook Video Monetization or In-Stream Ads. These In-Stream Ads or Video Monetization has some rules or qualifications, which may be filled up by uploading videos to the Facebook page to earn money from Facebook.

What is Facebook In-Stream Ads?

 Facebook In-Stream Ads could be a service that will be accustomed to show ads in videos uploaded to the Facebook page. You’ll make money from Facebook when people see or click on these ads. However, Facebook In-Stream ads cannot be used anywhere apart from the Facebook page.

What do I want to urge Facebook In-Stream Ads?

To use the Facebook In-Stream Ads service, you may need some qualifications on your Facebook page. If you are doing not have the subsequent qualifications on your Facebook page, you may not be ready to use In-Stream Ads within the video.

  • You must have your own Facebook page. In-Stream Ads cannot be placed on the ad video anywhere apart from the Facebook page.
  • You have to have 10,000 likes on your Facebook page.
  • In the last 60 days, your Facebook page video must have a minimum of 30,000 views and every view must have a minimum of 1 minute. Additionally, each of your videos must be a minimum of 3 minutes long. Because Facebook doesn’t show ads in 3 minute short videos.
  • If the language of your video doesn’t support Facebook In-Stream Ads, uploading the video won’t monetize the video. However, there’s no reason for tension, Facebook In-Stream Ads supports the Bangla language.
  • Part Create videos in compliance with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.

To verify that your Facebook page qualifies for Facebook In-Stream Ads, you need to first login to your Facebook account. Then by clicking on this official link of Facebook In-Stream Ads, you’ll be able to check whether your Facebook page is eligible for In-Stream Ads or not.

See within the picture above our Facebook page remains saying Not Eligible for Facebook In-Stream Ads. During this case, you have got to follow all the above rules to realize the goal set by Facebook. Then your Facebook page is going to be automatically eligible.

How to earn money from Facebook by videos?

This is a really common question for newcomers. Facebook continues to be allowing videos uploaded to YouTube to be uploaded to Facebook. But you cannot download other people’s videos from YouTube and upload them to Facebook. You’ll be wondering if I downloaded other people’s videos from YouTube and uploaded them to Facebook, will Facebook understand that anymore. Yes, Facebook doesn’t understand that. However, if someone has already uploaded that video on Facebook, then Facebook will comprehend it.

In this case, you’ll automatically face Facebook for copyright. However, if the video has not been uploaded to Facebook yet, Facebook won’t be able to be aware of it. However, if the 000 owner of the video sees the video and reports it to Facebook against your video, you may be caught. During this case, your Facebook’s video monetization is going to be turned off automatically, which suggests that you just will never be able to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos because of copyright.

Income from Facebook Instant Article:

Instant Articles is Facebook’s Mobile Publishing Tool. Through which the look of a website or blog may be customized and optimized to load within the fastest time. Within the case of optimizing, Facebook Instant Articles helps to load the content of a blog or website quickly without giving any importance to the look of the website.

Facebook Instant Articles has two advantages. Using Instant Articles, on the one hand, you’ll be able to make your blog post faster, on the opposite hand, you’ll earn money from Facebook by using Facebook ads inside the post through Instant Articles. Generally, online news-related web portals can earn extra money from Facebook Instant Articles.

You will need a blog to use Instant Articles and therefore the blog must have a minimum of 20 posts. If you have got 20 posts on your blog, share those posts on your Facebook page. After sharing, you would like to use Facebook to approve your blog’s Instant Articles from Instant Articles tools. Facebook will review your application within 5/7 days and approve Instant Articles for your page.

Only if Facebook Instant Articles is approved will you be ready to use Facebook ads within your blog posts. So as to use ads, you should not put ad code in several places of your blog like Google AdSense. Facebook will show automatic ads in numerous places of your blog post. However, during this case, if there’s a Google AdSense ad on your blog, it’ll not show. Additionally, Facebook Instant Articles only apply to mobile Facebook apps. Facebook’s web version doesn’t support Instant Articles. To grasp more about this, read the post about Facebook Instant Articles of our blog from the link above.

Income by sharing Facebook Like

When you have an awfully popular Facebook page and your page features a lot of followers, different online marketers will give you to extend the likes on their page or share the posts on different websites to succeed in people. Then you’ll be able to earn money from the client by sharing their Facebook page or website post on your Facebook page in exchange for various amounts of cash from them. For those that have lots of followers on their Facebook page, it takes only 5 minutes to induce 1000 likes.

Earnings by selling Facebook pages:

 Facebook pages are vital in online marketing. If you have got a decent quality Facebook page, you’ll earn money from Facebook by selling your Facebook page to numerous online marketing companies. A Facebook page with one lakh likes are often sold for over one lakh Taka.

Income by selling products on Facebook:

 Facebook has made the duty of online marketing much easier. If you have got atiny low business of any kind, you’ll easily share your picture on Facebook and acquire your product to the buyers. If you’ve got more likes on your Facebook page, people will see your products and a few people are going to be curious about buying it. If you deliver the merchandise honestly, thousands more people from different parts of the country will contact you to shop for your product.

Earnings from Facebook through affiliate marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is just about making money online by selling other people’s products and earning commissions on sales. Online product sales now discuss with every type of products, not just digital products. As you’ll see, people still regularly buy products from different online markets like Amazon, eBay, Daraz, BD Shop. If you wish, you’ll be able to easily open an account in such marketplaces and earn money from Facebook through affiliate marketing.

For affiliate marketing, you may first should take under consideration other digital marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Daraz, BD Shop. Then create referral links of various products of your choice from the products of these digital marketplaces and share them on your Facebook page. When someone buys that product by clicking on your referral link, you may be paid as a percentage of the worth of the merchandise. During this way, the more products you’ll sell, the extra money you’ll be able to earn. Usually people who have plenty of followers on Facebook can try this very easily.

Freelancing income from Facebook:

There are certain good quality groups on Facebook to induce a freelancing job. You’ll be able to earn money from Facebook by freelancing with the topic that you simply are proficient in.

Earn money from Facebook group:

There are thousands of groups on Facebook that have a lot of members. If you’ve got a blog, you’ll easily increase the revenue of your blog by sharing blog posts in several groups. Moreover, there are different types of shopping groups on Facebook. You’ll be able to earn money from Facebook by joining those groups and selling your products.

For example, there’s a large group on Facebook called “Buy and Sell Sylhet” only for the people of Sylhet. This group currently has immeasurable members. Here the people of Sylhet are buying and selling different kinds of products. I personally have purchased several various things from this group.

Income through advertising on Facebook:

 Facebook advertising is currently very talked-about within the field of online advertising or digital advertising. If you wish, you’ll earn money online by selling your product by advertising various things on Facebook. Suppose you have got a product that you simply cannot sell. During this case, you’ll be able to easily sell the merchandise on Facebook by spending a bit of money.

Last word:

In fact, the importance of online marketing and digital marketing is growing most that it cannot be written. If you try, you’ll use your talent to earn money from Facebook in numerous ways besides the above ways.

Moreover, at the speed at which Facebook’s popularity is growing, Facebook will in some unspecified time in the future surpass YouTube in terms of video sharing. Because not only videos are shared on YouTube but also articles, photos, blogs are posted on Facebook yet as videos may be uploaded. For this reason, people will slowly accept Facebook over YouTube. So if you wish, you’ll create a Facebook page for the longer term by making a Facebook page by employing a little talent without spending idle time on Facebook.

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