Some misconceptions about computers that can cause you anxiety

Like everything else, there are some uncouth misapprehensions about computers that many belief are true. This contrivance is about some misconceptions or ‘myths’ about computers. I hope you know the right information about these and let others know. So, let’s get started.

‘Hackers are sitting around hacking your PC’

If you watch an American sci-fi movie, the word hacking that comes to your mind when you hear the word hacking is that a man wearing a hoodie is sitting in front of the PC and writing line after line in the terminal window. In fact, that is not the case. Hacking does not mean that one or more people are trying to hack your PC in real-time. Preferably, hackers hack all the time some laborsaving functions, programs that may be repeatedly observed not only you but everyone you care about.

‘Bad to use too much RAM’

This is another misconception. Many people think that ‘different processes of PC are occupying more memory so I will use task killer’. In fact, these disciplinarian’s schemes are of no use. Instead, they’ll cut down your PC by shutting down the mandatory processes within the name of memory optimization. Khali Rodham has no work at all. So there is no point in distress about using a compact RAM!

‘Defragmentation programs are very useful’

There is a lot of scheme available for Windows disk reconstitution. Numerous people anticipate that these functions should be run on PC at daily intervals. But it is also a myth or misconception. Slightly Windows 10, 7, and 8 are quite clever and they can fundamentally recombine your disk without any third-party function. On top of that, defragmenting SSDs can be harmful if you use SSD storage instead of the hard disk. Therefore the old idea needs to be welded a touch new.

‘Viruses are responsible for slowing down your PC’

Viruses and additional malware not only diminish your PC. Rather, but it is also the essential programs that you think are innocuous that may be slowing down your PC by running background processes. PC slows down even if you open a lot of tabs in your browser and keep the Media Player / Editing Software window opens.

‘Antivirus will keep you safe’

In fact, you can’t be safe by using any kind of antivirus if you won’t be careful. Just as third-party antivirus will protect you, it will also hurt your PC’s performance. Although, there is a Windows Protector if unconditionally needed. And if you don’t feel confident in it (if you download/download too many files) then you can use different antivirus.

‘PC needs to be turned off after work’

This is also a misconception. It is not very important to shut down the PC every night or after regular work. Instead, it is a waste of time to start work after turning off the PC and restarting it. If you want to save electricity, you can use Slip or Hibernate mode without shutting down the PC.

‘Auto-update can damage PC’

Automatic updates are not always bad. It’s also a reality that a lot of times you can face a lot of bugs and issues by reforming the PC auto. So it is reasonable not to disable auto-update. However, those who run cracked software and/or other groups whose Internet data is limited, want to turn off auto-updates at all times.

‘Internet Explorer is not good’

It’s just that Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer won’t offer you ample in this duration. But it is not something to be thrown away. Although Microsoft has launched Edge Browser to replace Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 11 is a very good browser. Microsoft boundary is one better internet browser that begins with Windows 10.

‘C-Cleaner and Registry Cleaner Software Increases PC Speed’

In fact, more than just PC cleaning programs, these programs themselves occupy your PC’s memory. These are not very useful. The same goes for uninstaller software. Windows default uninstaller is enough. It is better not to use different software for this if it is not too much. Moreover, frequently clearing the PC’s browser cache will reduce your browsing speed, as the browser’s cache helps reduce site load time by retaining some content.

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