Want to do for online freelancing? How to get started? – Full guidelines

Friends, I, the founder, sat down to write the very basic guidelines for building a freelancing career. Not any kind of commercial writing. I will try to give my real-life experience and guidelines. I will write in detail in this post how to get started or how to do it. So instead of looking elsewhere, make a decision today and start.

My brother, first of all, let me say that freelancing is not for everyone. You must first understand whether you are suitable for this career. So how do you know if you can?

Here are some points.

1. Have you ever wondered about electric products as a child? Or would you like to work with electronics products?

2. Can’t afford to buy a computer yourself but want to sit in front of someone else’s computer? Do you have a good relationship with a shopkeeper in the market just to grab his computer?

3. Do you think that sitting in front of the computer does not make you hungry? Or you can sit in front of the computer all day without eating?

4. When you go somewhere when you see a computer/internet, do you want to stand and watch?

5. Do you like freedom? Or is it tempting to think that someone will warn you or that your boss will threaten you?

6. Are you uncompromising in your success? That is, you will succeed at any cost. Ready to take on such a challenge?

With these questions, I checked beforehand if you have enough interest. If the answer to all the questions is yes. However, it is possible for you to build a career in freelancing. I guarantee. If you keep it in mind for 2 years, no one will be able to stop you. Inshallah, of course, you will succeed.

So how do you get started?

First of all, what sector do you like to work in? If you like working with pictures, art, or photography, you can learn graphic design. Or you can work in any sector

Related to graphic design. Because not everyone has a design sense. When I go to get cows myself, the chickens throw them away. Hahaha

If you think that computer software or mathematical matter is better than sapper, then you must learn to program. Whatever the programming. Maybe there are web designers, web developers, computer programmers, WordPress developers, and hundreds of other types of programming fields. You can choose as you like. You can also develop mobile apps.

If you do not like to learn the above shots, you can learn online marketing. If you are interested in writing, you can also learn to blog. There is also affiliate marketing, which is a billion-dollar market. Another demanding job is 3D modeling. Which not everyone can do. Many people have changed their destiny by selling t-shirts at ti-spring. Many people are now making good money by uploading videos on YouTube.

However, I would not recommend relying only on YouTube. However, these are the fields of work from which you can determine the field of work of your choice.

What do you need?

Nothing too much. A computer and internet connection. Diameter. And what you need in life is your willpower. Computers also have to be of a very high configuration. However, I would suggest that at least if you have a computer with a Core i3 processor, you can start safely with which you can do almost everything. Remember, you can’t do anything without an internet connection. So, obviously, you must have better internet kinship.

But the important thing is that you need to know English to communicate fairly. Because without English you can never work in the international market. But the hope is that while working, you will be able to master English on your own.

How long will it take to earn?

In fact, it is difficult to say exactly. However, in order to earn money online, you must give it 2 years. Because if you get some work in just 2 months of starting work, and you think it is your success, it will be wrong. Of course, you have to make your item last. So within 6 months of you starting to learn the job you can expect some earning. And after 2 years of work you will be permanently fit for work. There will be no doubt about it. Then on average, you can expect a decent income after 1 year. If you work hard.

What do you do if you are involved in any other job?

This is a common question. Many people give up their current job as soon as they plan for freelancing. This is nothing but extreme stupidity. I would personally advise you to keep learning the job along with the job. Learn in 1 year if needed instead of 6 months. Flame does not matter if there is interest.

However, there is no doubt that leaving the job will cause you extreme frustration. But when you realize that you are perfectly suited for good earning then you can quit the job. Don’t quit your job without gaining confidence.

You have not yet passed the Inter, in which case what to do:

Most of the younger siblings get involved online without passing e-inter. I’m not for him. I think a person needs an age for mental development which is fulfilled as soon as he passes the Inter. Then it is possible to make the right decision about life. So I would advise all the little brothers who are reading this blog to pass the Inter well first. After that, you can start it with full energy. However, if you have a commuter and internet while you are on the Internet, you can learn some things to suit your interests. It will be very useful later. But keep in mind, you can’t give too much time until you pass the Inter. First of all study then online. Will give special emphasis on English especially at inter level? It will be very helpful in freelancing later.

Remember, to build an online career, you have to test the highest level of endurance. Sometimes frustration can come with your interest. Since you will earn money sitting at home, you have to be different from everyone else. Because you don’t work from 9 am to 5 pm like everyone else. Because you are smart.

I will say goodbye here like today. But yes, of course, read the rest of this blog very carefully. Because there is no possibility of any contradictory post on this blog. Good luck with your online journey. Stay tuned. Thanks

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