We’re now with Open e-learning Bangla platform Muktopaath

We’re now with Open e-learning Bangla platform Muktopaath

An open e-learning Bangla platform ‘Mukto Paath’ (www.muktopaath.gov.bd) launched by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2016 inauguration from Digital Information Center of a2i stall in Bangla Academy premises on 1st February 2016.

We’re now associated with this platform with our course “Basic Garphic Design” which is now available to JOIN.

The demand for graphics design is present in all sectors in the current market. Just as it is possible to build a career in the local market by working as a designer, working in the freelance marketplace can also contribute to the growth of remittances by earning foreign exchange.


Not long ago, people had the idea that graphic design meant whitewashing 1 picture in a studio, cutting out 1 picture or making a visiting card, but in fact the graphics design sector is very big because of the current market place. Much of it now relies on graphics design. As much as you can bring smoothness in the design and it can finish the job beautifully, your design will be different from others and will become a creative work.

We’re also available on YouTube with lot of free courses.
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