What is Data Entry? How and When?

Data entry is the process of copying a certain type of data from one place/program to another place/program through the computer. The data can be typed into a computer by handwritten information or stored in a spreadsheet file.

Data Entry Requirements:

With the use of computer, the term “Data Entry” gradually became known to everyone. We know that in the current age of the Internet, there is a free flow of information. As the exchange of information has expanded, so has the use of multiple types of data. That’s why there is a huge demand for skilled data entry operators in today’s global world. Interestingly, such tasks can be done alone or in groups, and in most cases people with little knowledge of computers and the Internet can do it. Being considered as one of the easiest ways.

Where to get this data entry work!

In fact, data entry jobs are available in general freelancing or outsourcing marketplaces. Some of the sites where data entry work is available by registering for free are:

·         www.Freelancer.com ,·         www.oDesk.com ,·        www.Elance.com etc.  The above sites have separate sections for data entry work. The sites have projects ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. These jobs are usually available on a “one dollar for every one thousand data entries” basis. Many times a certain amount of money is also paid for the entire work.

Data Entry Job Qualifications:

No hi-fi qualification is required for data entry work.

This work requires-

  1. The ability to search the Internet for information,
  2. Light knowledge of English, understandable buyer’s project,
  3. Ability to type fast,
  4. Ideas about different types of websites, forums, etc.
  5. Possession of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel,

There are also some projects available that require no more skills than just copy-pasting.

Data Entry Job Types:

Freelancing sites usually have the following data entry tasks –

1) Writing articles on a specific topic for the website,

2) Uploading files, pictures, etc. to different websites,

3) Exchange links between two websites,

4) Save certain information from different sites in an Excel file,

5) Replace PDF text format, images, footnotes, etc. in Microsoft Word unchanged

6) introduce a website to different websites, forums, groups,

7) To help sell different products online,

8) Correction of typing errors obtained from Optical Character Recognition (OCR) etc.

Data Entry Work Disadvantages:

Data entry work is actually relatively easy compared to other jobs online. However, there are some minor problems, so if you are careful about this in advance, the problem can be overcome Insha’Allah, such as-

  1. This type of work gets a lot of bids, so it is very difficult to get a job in the first place.
  2. There is no initial opportunity to prove your talent in such work. Data entry tasks are time-consuming, tedious, and almost tedious.
  3. Internet speed is very important in many jobs. Especially tasks that require uploading files or tasks that need to be completed in a very short time,
  4. There are many Data Entry jobs that cannot be completed by one person at a time. This may require the formation of a team or group of 5 to 10 people.
  5. Accurate typing and full attention during work is very important for data entry tasks to be done very carefully.

Programming Data Entry:

There are many data entry tasks that can be done by programming. Those who are skilled in programming can easily do the data entry tasks if they want.

Dreams and Possibilities:

In fact, data entry work has immense potential. If you work with a little patience in the beginning, both the dreams and the possibilities of this job will come within your reach. You have to show a little intelligence in choosing a job. Especially those clients from whom there is a possibility of getting bigger projects in the future, we have to keep trying to get all the projects. Work alone in the beginning. If you get a big job in the future, you can work with a few computer operators by forming a team or group. Then it will be possible for you to turn unemployed people into manpower through data entry activities Insha’Allah.

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