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In this, you write, but your writing may not get published in your name. It’s a great way to learn, but a Google search of your name may not throw up a ton of results. So while this may be a good place to start, try to get at least a few pieces out on a regular basis as you get better.

To be a Freelance content writer, all you need is a good internet connection, a mobile, laptop or a desktop, and a decent command of the English language, which reflects in your writing.
A creative writer for magazines or online portals, usually the writer is credited and given a byline. The articles are on topics of your choice, and you are expected to send a pitch before sending the full article. In most cases, you can also demand a price for the articles. While in pure content writing, you cannot choose the topic or the pay. And there are chances you might not even be credited as the writer of these write-ups. However, as long as you have strong research skills, a basic understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which is like the God of the internet), and are able to write on any topic basis that research, you can be a good content writer and earn money by writing articles.

In this line of work, your borders go beyond, and if you are comfortable writing for, say, the American or the European market, you can even earn in dollars / Euros.
You can try any of the following routes to earn money through content writing.

  • Have a blog and put display ads on it. AdSense and Adthrive are good options. Any ad network will have their individual criteria to allow their network on your blog. Make sure to have all their requirements on your blog before partnering with them
  • You can earn affiliate income by promoting products on your blog. However, you need to have your blog in a particular niche to get successful with a niche affiliate website.
  • You can have your own digital products sold through your website/ blog. That could be e-books, software, courses, or a premium membership website.
  • You can market your offline products through your blog to sell to a wide set of consumers.
  • You can also offer to consult and work on client’s projects through your website.

The options to earn through your writing and blog(s) are endless. But it begins with good content. Even before you think of earning, ensure that your writing is stellar to back up your monetization strategy.

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